Why do we fall?

One of the greatest fears among senior citizens is the fear of falling.This fear is not an irrational fear. Falling is a primary catalyst for hospital admissions among seniors. Many of the seniors admitted to a hospital after a fall, never go home. In fact, falls are responsible for over 40 % of nursing home admissions. Even worse, 70 % of accidental deaths in people over 75 years of age are caused by falls. Falling can be caused by many factors. Some are internal, such as slowed reflexes, balance disorders, low blood pressure, visual deficits, etc. Other causes are external factors such as poor lighting or the effects of medications. Some of these reasons are not particular to seniors.In fact, younger people also fall, but the consequences of falling are much less severe
for younger people.

What can you do?

There is much that can be done to prevent debilitating falls. The first step is to make an honest assessment of the risk you have. The self-assessment in this brochure is a great way to start. If you score higher than a six (6) on the self-assessment, then you should take advantage of our FREE Risk Assessment Interview. This interview is conducted in your home, with your family present. Included with the interview is a Home Safety Inspection. Based on the assessment we will recommend a course of action.

The Facts about Falling:

  • Falling is one of the greatest fears
    among seniors.
  • One in three older adults living at
    home falls each year (this considers
    only those falls that result in
    reported medical care).
  • Falling is a cause in 70 % of accidental
    deaths among people 75
    years of age and higher.
  • Falling causes $70 billion in medical
    costs each year.
  • The human costs are even greater,
    as individuals, caregivers and families
    are all impacted by a fall.
  • Falling is a catalyst for 40 % of all
    nursing home admissions.
  • Fear of falling leads to lost confidence
    and increased inactivity.
  • Most falls could have been

Download our Fall Risk Self Assesment brochure here.

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