Caregivers at Advanta Home Care should promote and encourage interaction between clients and friends or family members. This interaction can help to slow degenerative disorders and help to maintain communication skills. There are multiple techniques which can be employed to promote the mental health and cognitive state of the client. Use these tips to promote healthy social interaction between the client and caregiver, the client and family members and the client and the community:

Engage the Client

The most important way for the caregiver to promote these relationships is to engage the client in conversation. This can be achieved by talking about hobbies, interests and events during the sessions in which the caregiver is providing care to the client. Social engagement can decrease the cognitive decline that so commonly occurs with age. Engagement on a daily or weekly basis with the caregiver is an effective way to maintain these important social skills.

Involve Family Members and Friends

In many cases, there are family members and friends that are involved the care of the senior. Engaging this support system to ensure that the senior is being encouraged to maintain interaction in family events, celebrations and activities is an effective way to ensure communication. As clients age and cognitive function seems to decline it becomes a “use it or lose it” situation. Friends and family members must take the opportunity to ensure that the client is being exposed to social interaction on multiple levels each day to retain these crucial skills.

Promote Organized Activities

Offering information for programs and organized activities within the community that suit the interests of the client can assist in promoting interaction and engagement with others. Studies have shown that clients with a lifestyle that includes organized activities demonstrate the best results in maintaining the social and communication skills, which often deplete with age.

Encourage Variety

Variety in activities ensures that the client won’t get bored easily with the surroundings. These activities can be outings that include interaction with friends and family members as programs within other with community groups and services, which also provide a variety in the kinds of people the clients are interacting with.

Take Advantage of Community Programs

There are multiple community programs which match volunteers with the elderly, in the case that there are no existing family members or support systems. These types of programs include regular visits from the organization or volunteer that has been matched and can help to maintain the social skills of the clients. By implementing these techniques into their client’s care program, caregivers can effectively maintain the livelihood and quality of life for the client.

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