What some of our clients say about us…(all original testimonials remain on file in the offices of Advanta Home Care).


Rick McKee is a dedicated and responsible professional who works extremely hard at pleasing his clients. He treats everyone with respect and kindness. His staff is carefully chosen to match the needs of his clients and he maintains constant oversight. This is the best company that has provided care for my family. Thank you Advanta!!

Daniel L. ~ La Jolla, CA


Dear Rick,

Thank you for helping me and my mother in a great time of need. You were caring, sensitive and extremely helpful. My mother was fighting cancer and we were at a loss since I could not be at her side every hour. You walked me through the kind of care you could provide and she needed. At a desperate time you stepped in and made it happen. Both of us were so relieved. You seemed to know exactly the type of caregiver that would match my mom’s personal needs and personality. You were extremely insightful and loving. I can not thank you enough.


Lori D. ~ Princeton, NJ


Dear Rick,

Just a note to thank you, Adrianna and Advanta for the care you provided my mom. As it became clear that Jane needed help with her daily living, Advanta provided a great transition from independent living to assisted living at St. Paul’s Villa. Adrianna was a standout – she was exceptionally helpful and kind. Thank you for all your care and kindness.

Harper H. ~ Coronado, CA


Great service, excellent communication, very dependable and relaible!!!!

John C. ~ San Diego, CA


Advanta Home Care “Rick” was instrumental in getting fast, high quality care for my mom…when we needed it! It is a very professional company, with excellent service and great communication. If you have someone who needs any care, I would highly recommend Advanta Home Care.

Dr. Randy H. ~ Cardiff -by-the-Sea, CA


It is a pleasure to highly recommend ADVANTA HOME CARE. I had the experience of personally using their excellent services to help care for my wife who is experiencing dementia. We had one of their caregivers, Janette R., come in 3 days a week to look after her. She was an excellent companion and highly qualified professional. Her presence always gave me great comfort when I had to be away from home. I knew she was in good hands. Rick McKee thoroughly understands the needs and special requirements presented by patients with dementia and can choose from a variety of his staff to provide the right choice for your loved one.


Jerry M. ~ Coronado, CA


Rick McKee and his ADVANTA HOME CARE is providing me with two outstanding caregivers at this time, and I really appreciate his professional expertise in finding me these two super professional ladies. He spent many hours interviewing potential caregivers and he was instrumental in finding these two ladies who are helping me to lead a good life as my wife is learning to cope with Alzheimer’s disease. I am receiving top of the line service for a competitive price! Rick has taken a professional approach to help me secure the best caregivers available. Rick, thank you for a job well done.

Col. Donn Y. (Ret.) ~ San Carlos, CA


When it became apparent my husband needed more assistance and wanted to remain in our home, we interviewed several agencies providing long term care. We were most impressed with Rick McKee as a person: sincere, easy going, knowledgeable and willing to provide for my husband’s needs as we felt necessary. As a result, my husband received excellent care from Rick’s agency and I would recommend anyone to consider Advanta Home Care for their professionalism and attentiveness.

Janice P. ~ Mt. Helix, CA


We have been very pleased with the services of the home care providers from Advanta Home Care. They are reliable, knowledgeable and eager to please – I would recommend their services.

Jim H. ~ Coronado, CA


We had Mr. McKee help us out in a time of great need. He was genuinely interested and provided a very qualified lady to attend to our needs. I would not hesitate to call on him again if necessary.

Apollonia P ~ El Cajon, CA


Rick, thank you for your helpfulness. Janette was a delight to have help us.  Stan is home (in Nevada) from the hospital and doing wellbut will take time to regain his health. We sold our yacht and may buy a condo in SD so will definitey get in touch with you. Again, thank you.

Patti B. ~ Coronado, CA


I am sorry that I am physically unable to do an appropriate testimonial becasue of my current health conditions, but I feel the services surpassed expectations. Care was taken to choose the perfect caregiver for my husband. The days the caregiver was here were always good days.

Julianna D. ~ San Diego, CA


After breaking my ankle, I was fortunate enough to hear of Advanta and find the appropriate person gotten for me by Rick McKee. The lady he selected was very professional and efficient in helping toward my recovery and I would not hesitate in using his services again.

Lil B. ~ La Mesa, CA


As my husband and I reached our nineties, we found ourselves in a place where we had to decide whether to move to a senior facility or find a way to remain in our comfortable home. We decided to stay in our home if possible, and ‘to our good fortune’ found Advanta Home Care to provide us with necessary assistance. We have for this past year and a half been delighted with the services they have provided us and their being sensitively responsive to our needs. Also, I would like to add that our family tells us they feel comfortable with Advanta as they were told to always feel free to contact the company should they have any questions about their service. Finally we are going up north soon to visit out grandchildren and are taking our caregiver Irene with us. We have asked Rick to come to La Jolla a couple of times a week to check on our house and make sure all is okay inside and out. We are giving Rick the keys because he is the one person that we know that we can trust and will give his phone number to out neighbors. Thank you for all that you do Rick!!


Anna H. ~ La Jolla, CA


We were referred to Rick McKee at Advanta Home Care by my brother’s boss. We had interviewed other Home Healthcare companies in San Diego but when we met Rick our decision was easy. We were impressed by Rick’s calm and caring demeanor. Rick and his team of professionals enabled us to bring Dad home. And as Dad’s needs changed, Rick was able to adjust our hourly care to 24 hour care almost seamlessly. Rick and his team ‘s  made this stage in Dad’s life so much easier for us by providing Dad with excellent care.


Jill D. ~ Del Cerro, CA


I have found Advanta Home Care to be very helpful and accodating. No excessive holiday charges, no overly rigid work rules and no grumpy caregivers. Rick McKee has been very upfront and honest and I would definitely recommend his home care services. Sincerely.


William W. ~ Coronado, CA












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