Coronado, also known as Coronado Island, is a city located in San Diego County, California, 5.2 miles from downtown San Diego. An interesting fact is that Coronado is Spanish for ‘the crowned one’, and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City.

Our caregivers offer home care in Coronado for those seniors who prefer to remain in their own homes instead of going to a dedicated care home. Caregivers help with a wide range of tasks that sometimes the elder finds difficult or even impossible to do themselves.

Museum Home Care in CoronadoSomething that is always mentioned when it comes to the health and well-being of a senior is exercise. It is important that seniors, or even younger people, exercise to the best of their ability – by this we mean taking into account any illnesses or injuries. Caregivers can help immobile clients exercise or become mobile within their own home, but if you are receiving home care in Coronado then why not take a trip to the Coronado Historical Museum.

A museum is always a good place to go for a day out. It is an interesting place to visit, a place to exercise the mind whilst looking at the exhibits and reading the information. Museums also tend to be large places thus offering the opportunity for a nice walk. If it is a bad day outside then you are offered protection from the elements. Also, and a very important point, museums provide resting areas, possibly with small restaurants or cafeterias, and also bathrooms. For those seniors with mobility problems there will be wheelchair access and good clean solid floor to use your walking aids on.

The Coronado Historical Association Museum of History & Art is located at 1100 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118. They can be contacted on (619) 435-7242, and please see their website for details of opening times – Coronado Museum.

Home care in Coronado allows you to remain in your seaside home and also provides an interesting and fun place for friends and family who are coming over to visit you. The area is full of hotels so extended stays are no trouble at all. Aside from the museum there are plenty of things to do for everyone of all ages. Our caregivers are local people and they themselves can offer advice or help to find things to do for the senior on their own or as a group.

The important thing to remember is that a caregiver is aware of the limitations of the senior, limitations caused by illness or injury, so they can advise on appropriate activities or make sure, when accompanying the client, that they remain safe at all times.

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