Nobody likes to exercise, but the doctors say we should do it anyway. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process at all. Elderly care clients do not need any fancy equipment to establish an exercise routine. There are several ways that the care provider can make simple exercises fun and enjoyable for their senior home care clients.


Walking is the perfect low-impact, low-stress on the body exercise for ambulatory seniors. Taking a stroll through the neighborhood, local park, or shopping center can be very beneficial to seniors and at home care providers alike. It’s also a great way to find topics of conversation between the clients and care providers. Wheelchair-bound clients who do not utilize electric chairs can also benefit from going on a walk with their caregivers, provided there is suitable and safe terrain for doing so.

In San Diego there is no shortage of senior home care activites, La Mesa and El Cajon too, so even a visit to a local tourist site or museum on an outing is still exercise.

Music and Dancing

Music is another great alternative for elderly clients to enjoy exercising. Some may have a collection of music they enjoy listening to, but haven’t been able to do so in a while. Not only can music get them moving along in time to the beat, but it also gives them a chance to recall some of their favorite memories some of the songs might have inspired. If the senior home care client is physically able to, care providers should encourage dancing and movement along with the music. For the elderly who are not mobile enough to do so, opt for some of the armchair exercises below.

Armchair Exercises

There is a variety of exercises that immobile seniors are able to do from the comfort of their arm chairs or wheelchairs. Bending, arm lifts, and leg lifts are perfect examples of these. Stronger clients may use books or other lightweight items as small weights when doing the arm lifts.

Playing Catch

Tossing a beach ball back and forth is a great way for seniors to both get exercise and strengthen motor skill function as well.

Stationary Bikes

If the seniors have access to a stationary bicycle, this is another low-impact, low-stress on the body exercise option.

Before allowing any assisted living client to engage in an exercise program, the care provider should seek and obtain direct approval from the client’s nurse or health care provider. Additionally, the caregiver should always keep a watchful eye on the seniors in their care to make sure they are not exhibiting signs of distress or exertion during the exercise and halt all activity immediately, if they begin to do so.

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